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PARISH HISTORIES OF JAMAICA is an authoritative repository which documents the rich and eventful histories of Jamaica’s fourteen (14) Parishes. The platform aims to capture the zeitgeist of each parish over the centuries since inception. Join us on this exciting journey back in time to experience the spirit of each parish’s people, understanding each parish’s captivating cultural heritage, and chronicling significant parish events during the colonization, emancipation, independence and post-independence periods.

Parish Histories of Jamaica is also an interactive platform which promotes knowledge sharing. As such, user will be able to submit their account of the history of each parish. It allows users to submit fascinating pictures and short videos of historic building, artifact and cultural expressions that were captured in each parish.

Parish Histories of Jamaica is an initiative of the JN Foundation in partnership with the University of the West Indies, Mona, Department of History and Archeology.

We begin our journey with the parishes of St. Thomas and Westmoreland…